An International SETI Conference #03 2018
SETI - Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence... It is an effort to detect evidence of technological civilizations that may exist elsewhere in the universe, particularly in our galaxy.

Evolution of The Unknown - To Be or Not To Be Signaling the Aliens ?
is a symposium which invites participants whose work is on the horizon of the known, from various fields, across science, the arts, astrophysics, astronomy, space science, humanities and other less traditional fields of study. We come together to share our experiences of confronting the unknown, and the impact of the unknown on culture and imagination.
Participants are also encouraged to bring any experiments or works they have made that may create encounters with the unknown, in a form that others may interact with. It will also be an opportunity for an experiment in the unknown that will be run during the symposium, with participation from attendees.

(*: Evolution of The Unknown is the first annual International SETI conference in south east asia since 2016)
SATURDAY, 10th November 2018
10.00 – 17.00 WIB
Ruang Seminar Auditorium DRIYARKARA / Universitas Sanata Dharma / USD
Kampus II USD Mrican, Gejayan / Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Speakers and Chairs :
• Ilham A. Habibie (ID) / Co-Founder, The Habibie Center / THC, Jakarta, Indonesia
• Yusuke Murakami (Jp) / Commander Crew 191 - Team Asia, MDRS - Mars Desert Research Station 2018, Utah, USA
• Gunawan Admiranto (ID) / Astronomer, Senior Researcher, National Institute of Aeronautics and Space / LAPAN, Indonesia
• Premana W. Permadi (ID), Astronomer / Senior Researcher, Galaxy and Cosmology, director of BOSSCHA Observatory, Lembang – Bandung, Indonesia
• Gregorius Budi Subanar (ID), Lecturer and Researcher, IRB - Religious and Cultural Studies, Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
• Ish Shehrawat (India) , Artist, Curator, Researcher : Sound and Space Exploration, New Delhi, India
• Lauren Reid (Germany), Curator, Researcher : Node Center for Curatorial Studies, Art and Space Science, Berlin, Germany
• Dia Hamed (Egypt), Technologist, Artist, Researcher : Medrar Media Lab, Cairo, Egypt)
• Makoto Kawamura (Japan), Crew 191 - Team Asia, MDRS - Mars Desert Research Station 2018, Utah, USA
• Rene T.A Lysloff (USA), Senior Researcher : PostHuman, University of California Riverside / UCR, California, USA
• Venzha Christ (ID), co-founder v.u.f.o.c and HONF Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
• Nur Agustinus (ID), Founder, BETA UFO Indonesia, Surabaya, Indonesia
• A. Sudjud Dartanto (ID), Independent Curator and Writer, Indonesia Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
• Scholastica Wedhowerti (ID), Lecturer and Researcher, English Letters Department, Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Special Featuring in the conference :
Screening of a documentary movie from
Crew 191 - Team Asia, MDRS - Mars Desert Research Station (2018),
Utah, USA (english version)
by Makoto Kawamura (NHK - Japan)
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